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  Product: RAV Vest with Pouch set
  Colour: Medium /Khaki 1000D Cordura
  Weight: 5110g
  Brand: FLYYE
  Product Code: FY-VT-M007-KH
  Status: PreOrder
  Price: Please Enquire(








A sophisticated replica of RAV Vest. Built by high quality cordura nylon. With extra large velcro and zipper locks, it keeps hugging the body even in the most violent fighting. With a well-designed Quick Release system, the vest can be disassembled and released from the body very quickly in case of emergency. Just tug at the emergency release and the vest disintegrates and falls away from the body. This feature is mostly used when soldiers fall into water and need to prevent themselves from being weighed down. Includes Paraclete Releasable Assault Vest Assault pouch kit. The pouch kit includes every pouch needed to accomplish any anticipated Direct Action mission.
This set benefits from being made out of INVISTA 1000D Cordura Nylon, which has incredibly durable properties, making this vest more resistant to the usual wear and tear (up to three times more resistant than normal Nylon).

The construction is made to military specifications, which ensures that this product will last a long time, throughout all conditions. The material is resistant to water, and can handle damp environments easily, maintaining its structure.

Please click the small pictures below for more detail on how these vests can be installed onto your RAV vest, or any other vest with a Molle platform. Suitable for 165-175cm height.


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